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Black Magic
Blaze 22 2BlackFireSingle
Blazemore 35 6BlackFireSingle
Blazemost 300 12BlackFireSingle
Firebal 38 4BlackFireGroup
Firebane 80 6BlackFireGroup
Firevolt 180 12BlackFireGroup
IceBolt 60 3BlackIceSingle
Snowstorm 60 6BlackIceGroup
Icespears 205 9BlackIceSingle
Blizzard 210 12BlackIceGroup
Puff 12 3BlackEarthGroup
Bang 55 5BlackEarthGroup
Boom 9BlackEarthGroup
Explodet 240 18BlackEarthGroup
Zap 90 10BlackLightningSingle
Thunder 60 5BlackLightningGroup
Thordain 400 30BlackLightningGroup
Hurt 75 4BlackMagicSingle
Hurtmore 150 8BlackMagicSingle
Poison Magic
Poison 5 2PoisonPoisonSingle
PoisMore 45 6PoisonPoisonSingle
PoisMost 140 12PoisonPoisonSingle
Acid 15 4PoisonPoisonGroup
Acidwave 40 6PoisonPoisonGroup
Acidflood 100 18PoisonPoisonGroup
White Magic
Heal 45 3WhiteMagicAllyHeals HP
Healmore 125 5WhiteMagicAllyHeals HP
Healmost 750 7WhiteMagicAllyHeals HP
Healus 75 8WhiteMagicPartyHeals HP
Healusmore 210 26WhiteMagicPartyHeals HP
Healusall 5000 62WhiteMagicPartyHeals HP
Antidote Poison 3WhiteMagicAllyRemoves poison
Remedy Normal 6WhiteMagicAllyRemoves bad status
Vivify Revive 10WhiteMagicAlly50% Chance to Revive
Revive Revive 20WhiteMagicAllyRevive
Regen Regen 6WhiteMagicAllyRecovers HP
Thaumaturgica Thauma 0WhiteMagicAllyRecovers MP
Bless Magic
Bless 75 4WhiteSpiritSingleDamages Undead
Blessmore 150 8WhiteSpiritSingleDamages Undead
Blessmost 300 12WhiteSpiritSingleDamages Undead
Bonebane 65 8WhiteSpiritGroupDamages Undead
Sanctuary 150 16WhiteSpiritGroupDamages Undead
Effect Magic
Sleep Sleep 3EffectMagicGroupSleep
Expel Flee 2EffectMagicGroupAll Monsters Flee
Surround Blind 4EffectMagicGroup5% chance to hit
Return Teleport 8EffectMagicPartyReturn to town
Outside Teleport 8EffectMagicPartyEscape dungeon
Sleepmore Sleep 4EffectMagicSingleSleepmore
Stopspell Mute 3EffectMagicSingleMute
NumbOff Normal 6EffectMagicAllyRemoves numbness
RobHealth 55 8EffectMagicSingleSteals HP
RobMagic 25 0EffectMagicSingleSteals MP
Awaken Normal 3EffectMagicPartyRemove sleep status
Dispel Normal 4EffectMagicGroupRemove status
Upper Upper 3EffectMagicAllyDoubles DEF
Increase Upper 6EffectMagicPartyDoubles DEF
Sap Sapped 3EffectMagicSingleHalves DEF
Decrease Sapped 6EffectMagicGroupHalves DEF
Slowall Slow 3EffectMagicGroupHalves AGL
Speedup Haste 3EffectMagicPartyIncrease AGL
Bikill Bikill 6EffectMagicSingleDoubles ATK
Discord Discord 6EffectMagicGroupHalves INT
Focus Focus 6EffectMagicSingleDoubles INT
Demi 0.5 20EffectMagicSingleHalves HP
Bounce Reflect 8EffectMagicCasterReflect
Ironize Iron 6EffectMagicPartyReflect all attacks
Chaos Confuse 5EffectMagicGroupMake confused
Beat Death 7EffectDeathSingle75% Chance of death
Defeat Death 14EffectDeathGroup50% Chance of death
Resistance Resist 4EffectMagicCasterResistant to elemental
Barrier Resist 6EffectMagicPartyIncrease resistances
Invisible Invisible 15EffectMagicAllyMake invisible
Chance ???? 20EffectMagicRandomRandom
Inviself Invisible 12EffectMagicCasterMake invisible
Speedself Haste 3EffectMagicCasterDoubles AGL
Upperself Upper 3EffectMagicCasterDoubles DEF
Shapeshifter Magic
Wolfman x2 ATK 3ShiftMagicCasterNo control
Wolflord x2 ATK/DEF 6ShiftMagicCasterNo control
Werewolf x2 ATK/AGL 7ShiftMagicCasterNo control
Weremage x2 INT/AGL 9ShiftMagicCasterControlable
Lullaby Sleep 3SongMagicGroup
Faint Echo Weak 5SongMagicGroup
Silencio Mute 5SongMagicGroup
Remeditty Normal 9SongMagicParty
Befiddler Confuse 5SongMagicGroup
Crossfade Invisible 30SongMagicParty
Heroic Ballad Heroic 18SongMagicSingle
Healing Aria 15 5SongMagicPartyHeals HP
Autocrossbow 20 0ToolPhysicalGroup
Bioblaster Poison 0ToolPhysicalGroupPoison
Noiseblaster Confuse 0ToolPhysicalGroupConfusion
Flash Blind 0ToolPhysicalGroupBlind
Debilitator Weak 0ToolPhysicalSingleWeak
Drill 100 0ToolPhysicalSingle
Chainsaw Death 0ToolPhysicalSingle65% chance of death
Earthshaker 85 0ToolPhysicalGroup
Stun Baton 15 0ToolPhysicalSingleNumb
Flintlock Pistol 50 0ToolPhysicalGroupIgnore Defense
Ninja Gear
Sleep Powder Sleep 0ThrowPhysicalGroupSleepmore
Makibishi 15 0ThrowPhysicalGroup
Spirit Skean 100 0ThrowSpiritGroupvs. Undead
Shadow Skean Death 0ThrowMagicGroupDeath
Empower 25 0ThrowPhysicalSingleSteal HP/MP
Smokebomb Invisible 0ThrowPhysicalPartyInvisible
Kunai 20 0ThrowPhysicalSingleChance to numb
Meditate 15 MP 0ChiPhysicalCasterRecovers MP/Induces Numb
Pressure Point Weak 0ChiPhysicalSingle
Stamina x2 DEF 0ChiPhysicalCaster
Blur x2 AGL 0ChiPhysicalCaster
Critical x2 ATK 0ChiPhysicalCaster
Mantra x2 INT 0ChiPhysicalCaster
Bait Confuse 0TrapsPhysicalSingle
Caltrops 9 0TrapsPhysicalGroup
Net Slow 0TrapsPhysicalSingle
Dart Numb 0TrapsPhysicalSingle
Mine 60 0TrapsPhysicalSingle
Livewire 105 0TrapsLightningGroup
Poison Dagger Equip 5NecroMagicCasterEquip a magic poison dagger
Raise Skeleton N/A 5NecroMagicCasterRaise a skeleton to fight
Corpse Explosion HP 8NecroMagicGroupExplode dead enemies
Ghosted Ghost 9NecroMagicAllyEvade all attacks/No control
Bone Armor x2 HP 12NecroMagicCasterTemporarily Doubles MAX HP
Tonic 50 3MixPhysicalAlly
Restorative 120 5MixPhysicalAlly
Ether 20MP 20MixPhysicalAlly
Elixir 1 52MixPhysicalAlly
Gas Potion 3 3MixPoisonGroup
Iocane Powder 160 14MixPoisonSingle
Sleeping Potion Sleep 2MixPhysicalSingle
Love Potion Chaos 4MixPhysicalSingle
Concussion Bomb Numb 6MixPhysicalSingle
Rainbow Drop Heroic 18MixPhysicalSingle
Oil Potion 30 3MixFireSingle
Exploding Potion 70 5MixFireGroup
Fire Bomb 100 7MixFireSingle
Curaga 350 0WhiteMagicPartyHeals and Remedies
Firaga 350 0BlackFireGroupInduces Weak
Blizzaga 350 0BlackIceGroupInduces Slow
Thundaga 350 0BlackLightningGroupInduces Surround
Poisaga 350 0BlackPoisonGroupInduces Poison
Explodaga 350 0BlackEarthGroupInduces Confuse
Hurtaga 350 0BlackMagicGroupInduces Sap
Blessaga 350 0WhiteBlessGroupInduces Sleep
Psychaga 350 0BlackPhysicalGroupInduces Discord
Ineptaga Inept 0EffectMagicGroup1/2 all stats
Heraga Heroic 0EffectMagicPartyx2 all stats